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Mwimba Texas – wrestling and albinism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a documentary about the albino wrestler Mwimba Texas, who gave his name to a Foundation he created to help people living with albinism in D.R.C.
In D.R.C., wrestling is THE national sport. Providing themselves with “gri-gris” (the local talisman), the wrestlers called “fetishers” cast spells on each other to win the fight.

Against the current practices, Mwimba Texas has been developing a new kind of wrestling, that he calls “classical, without any fetish”: by excluding magic from the ring to put strength and technique forward only, he brings a brand new light upon wrestling in his country, while giving underprivileged people the chance to practice it. Talented and almost undefeated, Mwimba Texas has made a difference in changing the way the albino people are seen in the D.R.Congo, often believed to be weak beings on the African continent, the very fact that they exist would be linked to witchcraft.

In order to break that isolation, Mwimba Texas uses his fame as a wrestler and creates in 1998 the Mwimba Texas Foundation.
Ever since, by gathering albino and underprivileged people, the organization has put into place numerous events and fundraisings. The foundation is then able to give away to the albino people essential products – yet hardly accessible – such as: sunglasses, long-sleeved clothes and suncream. Without such protection, the albino Africans are more likely to develop a skin cancer, hence the vital importance to reduce sun exposure.

Directed by Soizic Sanson

Film Editing by Gregory Dassié & Soizic Sanson

Calibration by Diane Cairn

Sound Mixing by Hubert Rey-Grange

Original Score by Cyril Atef (Congopunq)

Additional music by Tk Russell

Lingala Translation by Tresor Kibangula

Kikongo Translation by Blanchard Mbelolo

English version of the film : translation by Le Ranx

Spanish version of the film : translation by Maxime Nieto

With : Mwimba Texas, The Mwimba Texas Foundation, The Kinshasa InterAfrica Wrestling Club, The Kinshasa Zamba Wrestling Club , Charles Mbuya, Tshomba Hondo, Patricia Willocq, Manda Tchebwa, Adrienne Ntankeu, Dickson Yala…

To see the trailer and the promotional materials, go to the Press page.


The film has been selected in the following festivals and events :

  • Escales Documentaires Festival – La Rochelle, France – November 9th
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Afro Kunta Kinte  – Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia – September 3th – 8th 2016
  • French Institute of Kinshasa, D.R.Congo, Halle de la Gombe – June 24th 2016 : link / célébration of the 18th anniversary of the Mwimba Texas Foundation and donation of sunscreens, film screening, wrestling match
  • World Festival of Emerging Cinema – Trinidad & Tobago – March 19th – 22th 2016
  • Festival du film de santé – Liege, Belgium – March 14th-18th, 2016 – Liège
  • Inspired faith film festival – USA, Floride, Fort Lauderdale – February 18th-20th, 2016
  • Regards sur le cinéma du monde – Cinema Saint André des Arts, Paris, France – January 28th-31th, 2016
  • Broken Knuckle film festival – USA – 2015
  • Hollywood sky film festival – USA – 2015 – Selection in 2015, screening in june 2016
  • Indie Film Festival – Switzerland – 2015 – Selection in short film category
  • Roma Cinema Doc – Roma, Italy – 2015 – International selection in documentary catégory – Special mention soundtrack for Cyril Atef – « Mwimba Texas »
  • Garden City International Film festival – Bangalore, India – december 2015 – Sélection in documentary category


  • Premiere in Paris, at Le Comptoir Général, November 8th 2015
    • Two screenings : 6pm & 8pm, followed by a meeting with Mwimba Texas and the film team

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  • Premiere screening in Bruxelles, Halles St Géry, July 9th 2015



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