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Soizic Sanson
Filmmaker | Producer | Photographer | Virtual World Explorer

Hong Kong, Wanchai | Paris, Pere Lachaise

Contact : soisan [@] pm [.] me

Production  (Hong-Kong)

Makasi Production


Producing and directing independent feature and documentary films. Responsible in directing ideas, directing and producing.

I’m passionate about working with meaningful and inspiring stories that will drive meaningful change in the world.

Currently in production, finalizing a documentary in DR Congo : the unique hidden story of Chinese people accross the Congo.

Previously international awarded projects :
– Mwimba Texas
– Street Wonder

Filmmaking (Hong-Kong, Paris)

Mwimba Texas – Wrestling and Albinism in D.R.Congo

Director and co-editor of the film « Mwimba Texas – wrestling and albinism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ».

-> Trailer : https://vimeo.com/123557043

A documentary video about the albino wrestler – Mwimba Texas, who gave his name to save thousands of people living with albinism in D.R.Congo.
In D.R.Congo, wrestling is THE national sport. Providing themselves with “gri-gris” (the local talisman), the wrestlers called “fetishers/magician” cast spells on each other to win the fight.
Against the current practices, Mwimba Texas has been developing a new kind of wrestling : by excluding magic from the ring to put strength and technique only, he brings a brand new light upon wrestling in his country, while giving underprivileged people the chance to rise. Talented and almost undefeated, Mwimba Texas has made a difference in changing the way the albino people are seen in the D.R.Congo, often believed to be weak beings on the African continent, the very fact that they exist would be linked to witchcraft.
In order to break that isolation, Mwimba Texas uses his fame as a wrestler and creates in 1998 the Mwimba Texas Foundation, whose main goal is to meet the basic needs to the albino people and to empower them to live a better life.

Festivals and Awards (2015-2016) :
Escales Documentaires Festival – La Rochelle, France
Festival Internacional de Cine Afro Kunta Kinte – Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
French Institute of Kinshasa, D.R.Congo, Halle de la Gombe
World Festival of Emerging Cinema – Trinidad & Tobago
Festival du film de santé – Liege, Belgium
Inspired faith film festival – USA, Florida
Regards sur le cinéma du monde – Cinema Saint André des Arts, Paris, France
Broken Knuckle film festival – USA
Hollywood sky film festival – USA
Indie Film Festival – Switzerland
Roma Cinema Doc – Roma, Italy
Garden City International Film festival
Premiere in Paris, at Le Comptoir Général
Premiere screening in Bruxelles, Halles St Géry

Virtual Reality Association ( Paris)

Eunice VSG

-> http://eunicevsg.org

Founded in 2014, Eunice VSG is a Paris based Digital Art Association.
Our goal is to highlight and experiment on human identity within immersive digital environments.

And more broadly, we conduct scientific and artistic research on human cognitive awareness in created realities, by combining the uses of technical equipment, interface and physical environment.

Eunice VSG also strives to address the intersection on avatar and its medium of expression over human science (sociology, psychology, neurology, anthropology, etc.) and the arts (visual arts, performances, film etc.)


Freelance Photographer

-> http://soizic-sanson.net/photographie

From Hong-Kong to Jerusalem, D.R.Congo, Paris…